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How to Play MW2 – UPDATE dezembro 23, 2009

Posted by wcwdw6w in Uncategorized.

Explanation, first was past a tutorial to use Zero Gear, but in the same day the acess to the keys was blocked. Then was created a new method using other game. But now is available the Zero Gear like a demo, no key needed. A lot of people are using the Zero Gear (90%), so ignore the old tutorial e repass this tutorial as a definitive to avoid the “2min kick”.

Part 1

  1. Install Steam, original, no crack or patch.
  2. Go to Store, next Game Demos
  3. Search for Zero Gear Demo ( http://store.steampowered.com/app/18800/)
  4. Download and Install Zero Gear Demo.

Part 2

  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\zero gear (this folder depend where you install the steam)
  2. Click on right button on ZeroGear.bat and click on Edit or put to open in Notepad.

cd cod6
START iw4mp.exe

  1. Edit the ZeroGear.bat like the example above.
  2. In the first line “cd cod6” you change to the folder where you game installation are. For example cd “C:\Games\Modern Warfare 2” , in case there are blank spaces on the name folder, you should use the “quotes”.

Part 3
Link : http://www.multiupload.com/NTQPWD0B7O

  1. Unzip the files and put on the game folder, overwriten the existing files.
  2. Start the Zero Gear Demo by STEAM

You can play without problems only if the people you are playing are using the same method. You can create servers and invite friends by Steam.



1. karl - dezembro 23, 2009

How do you think, how long it will work ?

2. Razor - dezembro 23, 2009

Hey, I’ve done all the steps, but when i launch it, it says that it cannot find iw4mp.exe. The .bat is like this: cd “D:\Games\Modern Warfare 2” and START iw4mp.exe. Also, the common folder you provided is put in there, extracted with 7-Zip. Help ?

3. karl - dezembro 23, 2009

*sigh* Good that i started my OS experience in DOS…it makes my life easier..
Ok… here it goes…
1st line – “cd FolderName” changes place where command “start iw4mp.exe” is going to take a place.
When you are for example in:
Command “cd CoD6” will try to execute in: D:\Games\CoD\Cod6\
So if you put .bat file in Steam folder, for example:
D:\Steam\commonapps\Zero Gear
I would try to change .bat file to something like this:
cd \
cd Games
cd CoD
Start iw4mp.exe

– cd \ – will change folder to main part of the disk
– cd Games – will move next to Games folder
– cd CoD – will move next to CoD folder
– start blabla – will try to execute .exe (executable) file.
I hope this will help.

4. Annihilator - dezembro 23, 2009

Works like a charm but Don’t Follow these instructions they will Mess you up use the older set of instruction.
No Kick after 2 minutes played a couple of whole matches..
\Awesome Thank you…:)

5. pantsiq - dezembro 24, 2009

12/24/09: Works. Check karl’s comment if you’re having trouble launching.

Anyone who completes the process: Add pantsiq on steam.

6. Steam - dezembro 24, 2009

i have original steam. It will be banned when i do this?

7. EZ - dezembro 24, 2009

Does it still work??
I have been playing for the past 2 days but now when I try to run ZeroGear from Steam it says this game is currently not working and to try later??? I was working before?!

Just want to kno if its still working for everyone else?

8. Anônimo - dezembro 25, 2009

[…] solucion para los q no teniamos beta keys, recien termine de jugar 2 mapas (con un ping d ela ptm) How to Play MW2 – UPDATE Modern Warfare 2 __________________ […]

9. leirson - dezembro 25, 2009

Could not load locazation.txt
Plase make sure Modern Warfare 2 is run from the correct folder

ta dando este seguinte erro, se poder me da uma ajuda…

10. Niko - dezembro 25, 2009

Hello everybody,
The game launchs normally but when I click on “game”, it doesn’t work, saying “You must be connected o, Steam online to play” but I think I am .. What to do?

11. kazaam - dezembro 25, 2009

If you can follow simple directions this shit works 100% as of 12-25-09

12. PROTOT¥PE - dezembro 25, 2009

well… in my case i can join to multiplayer games.. but after 3 minutes it says steam connection failed…

13. kblo - dezembro 26, 2009

Works just fine… with karl’s #3 post tips…

thanks to all. 😉

i played for 1hour just now and works GREAT!

14. adsl - dezembro 26, 2009

Do I need to update MW2 with the last patch, or can I use the vanilla one?

15. Anônimo - dezembro 26, 2009

[…] […]

16. edd - dezembro 26, 2009

do you know how to make it work with 1.7?

17. omg - dezembro 27, 2009

Error during initialization:
No IWD files found in /main

18. asen - dezembro 27, 2009

i have just one little problem – everything works but when i play ingame i play like for 3 mins and then it says : Steam connection failure and i get kicked from the servers ;? pls help

19. SONIC - dezembro 27, 2009

try to put at least 1 space in your name like PROTO T¥PE or A S E N

if somebody know how to play spec ops with this method please post it

20. Help - dezembro 27, 2009

No IWD files found in /main? any ideas?

21. HolyXerxus - dezembro 27, 2009

why after i double click the game or click *Lauch Game* from the Steam window and it doesnt start??

22. Gamechief - dezembro 28, 2009

The second comments method works LIKE A CHARM i have been playing for two hours now

23. otachi_5 - dezembro 28, 2009

Hi, the process worked and I’m playing it for 2 days
Add me in your friend list guys, my id is otachi_5

24. kblo - dezembro 28, 2009


“No IWD files found in /main?”

To fix that do as Karl says… and it will works fine.

25. Eddy - dezembro 29, 2009

I’m playing via this hack…However, I can’t load my hacks anymore…Any ideas if there is a way to inject the Level 3 I paid for into Zero Gear demo?

Email me please!!!!

26. Jean-Paul - dezembro 29, 2009

i have a problem. I read the post from Karl and my Bat File have this text:
cd E:
cd COD6
Start iw4mp.exe

But i become the Error “No iwd files found in / main”

The Game is in E:\COD6.
What is wrong in my BAT File?


Hiro - dezembro 29, 2009


cd E:
cd e:\COD6
Start iw4mp.exe

27. Sawfreak - dezembro 29, 2009

@Eddy : fuck n00b hacker guys like you make this game bad for other players -.-

28. alphabeta - dezembro 29, 2009

Hi, i successfully played the game via zero gear. However, screen is set to windowed. How to set to fULL SCREEN?

29. p4ti3nt - dezembro 29, 2009

Same Problem Jean-Paul
Error: “No iwd files found in / main”

I think thats not the prob of the .bat-File because thats only a pointer.
You need these iwd files!

p4ti3nt - dezembro 29, 2009

Think thats a prob from cheatsaved steam.
Do you have cracked steam or original?

There you go

30. Jean-Paul - dezembro 29, 2009


31. THERAGE - dezembro 29, 2009

hi when you say no crack or patch for the original steam,does that mean the steam update or a work around?

32. KIRO - dezembro 29, 2009

my zero gear edit look like this :
thanx KARL

cd E:
cd Games
cd steamapps
cd common
cd zero gear
cd Server
Start iw4mp.exe

33. H3AT - dezembro 29, 2009

it’s just me or doesn’t work anymore? 😦

34. Baab - dezembro 29, 2009

Fixed 😦

35. Baab - dezembro 29, 2009

Ho no, work ! 😀

36. THERAGE - dezembro 30, 2009

nope dont work just had update from steam,changed all the file set up,no longer able to see or edit bat file.

37. Aljosa - dezembro 30, 2009

Plase make sure Modern Warfare 2 is run from the correct folder whats the problem??? can some 1 help ? thx

38. THERAGE - dezembro 30, 2009

which version is used for this? skidrow? 1.05? any info would be great am having same problem as #2 “iw4mp.exe not found” but in Dos it shows up with no errors. I am using skidrow version patch cracked to 1.6. could it be that im using wrong version

39. Coderman - dezembro 30, 2009

Hey guys. All steam tried to do was update the zero gear demo to trick us. We or atleast I don’t allow that.
HOW TO MAKE IT WORK: Just recopy the newest patch files at the top of this page into the server folder, than make sure steam is running with you logged in, run the game through your server folder and wallah.
Leech if youd like I dont care much about credit.

40. THERAGE - dezembro 30, 2009


If you go here there are instructions and a automated zero gear patch!
works ,no lag, and best of all so easy to install.
I virus tested the download with bitdefender 2010 and come up clean,have been playing for 2 hours now @ 22:41gmt

THERAGE - dezembro 30, 2009

edit: will only work with patch 1.0.166 atthe mo tho!

41. swulsh - dezembro 30, 2009

hey i got a way to still play . JUST DONT UPDATE ZERO GEAR DEMO. go to properties and set updates to off. thanks

42. Tony - dezembro 30, 2009

Everything works but now i can’t play regular MW2, when i try to run iw4sp.exe nothing happens and this is after i installed steam and did these updates but mutliplayer works, any idea?

43. Tony - dezembro 31, 2009

Was working fine now i get “Must be signed in to steam in online mode” but i am loged in

44. Ed - dezembro 31, 2009

I’m getting the error ”
Error during initialization:
No IWD files found in /main

My ZerGear.bat looks like this

cd C:
cd Program Files (x86)
cd Steam
cd steamapps
cd common
cd zero gear
cd Server
START iw4mp.exe

Am I doing something wrong or does this not work anymore?

45. hakim - dezembro 31, 2009

Hey i changed my bat file to look like this:
cd program files
cd steam
cd steamapps
cd common
cd zero gear
cd Server
cd modern warfare 2
START iw4mp.exe

now it opens up mw2 threw zero gear but when i click play it says im not logged onto steam

46. THERAGE - dezembro 31, 2009

if u do a clean install and follow the steps on the site i posted earlier,and do as #41, all will be good!! just download the auto patcher for zero gear and all is done for u,very quick and easy.

47. Smothier - dezembro 31, 2009

My game is in D:/My Games/Modern Warfare 2

How should i make my ZeroGear.bat in order to start MW2 Multiplayer?

pablohess - dezembro 31, 2009

cd d:/my games/modern warfare 2
start iw4mp.exe

48. Nee Gus - dezembro 31, 2009

I tried everything that you all said and I am still getting the “error during initialization: no IWD files found in /main” HELP PLEASE!!

49. Smothier - dezembro 31, 2009

doesnt work what you said….

50. Point Man - janeiro 1, 2010

“no IWD files found in /main” problem too !!!!!!!!!
How the FU** I resolve this ???

51. Smothier - janeiro 1, 2010

I managed to get my gasme started but now it says you must be signed into steam to play

52. Terevis - janeiro 1, 2010

Hey could someone help me? When i do this i just get steam connect failed when i lick play button!? I have done those three times!

53. Tomy - janeiro 2, 2010

I’ve been playing using the method for a few days but today, steam kicks me out after a minute or two. I wonder if they fixed this… anyone can still play?

54. IvanGuido - janeiro 3, 2010

Works great.. been playing for 2 days now without problem…
thanx KIRO for help

55. Comanche XIII - janeiro 3, 2010

The reason people might be getting the /main not found error may be because steam and cod6 are on seperate drives. For example, on my PC steam is on C: and cod6 is on D:

In this situation, the command changes a bit because an additional parameter is added.


cd /d “/path/to/cod6”

56. LeppeRMessiaH - janeiro 4, 2010

Steam connect fail… It only works if I manually start iw4mp.exe but I get kicked out of the game after a short while

57. waka-waka - janeiro 5, 2010

Just follow instructions through carefully, had no problems. Works for me. thanks.

But im just not sure how to add people, I tried to add people but it wont let me. But overall, everthings works just fine.

58. floryn - janeiro 5, 2010

when i start the game through STEAM it gives me an error :
Error during initialization:
No IWD files found in /main
what do i do?

Myself - janeiro 5, 2010

You need IWD files, or download again MW2 full because the version ripped have no IWD files.

Lamont - setembro 21, 2013

Link exchange is nothing else except it is just placing the other person’s website link on your page at appropriate place and other person will also do same in favor of you.

59. XtR3m3 - janeiro 5, 2010

not working anymore?
now i get a message that steam cloud need to synchonize the game and if i press play i get a message saying that i need to be online in steam… :s
anyone else getting that?

60. c3p0 - janeiro 7, 2010

now im getting… code_pre_gfx_mp.ff error

61. c3p0 - janeiro 7, 2010

after Downloading the iwd files

62. jack - janeiro 7, 2010

Does this work anymore? It was working for a week and now it cant any players to join a game?

jack - janeiro 7, 2010

* It cant find any plays to join a game now?

jack - janeiro 7, 2010

*Players lol

63. dragonclaw - janeiro 7, 2010

me too i cant find any game available… and any player too

64. EZ - janeiro 7, 2010

Same here, it just keeps searching for other players…

dragonclaw - janeiro 7, 2010

search pavorov crack

65. dragonclaw - janeiro 7, 2010

ready… search pavorov crack… it will work i certify…

66. net22 - janeiro 7, 2010
67. c3p0 - janeiro 7, 2010

dragon claw dude… where to search it??

68. jibberjabber - janeiro 8, 2010

werks great thank you

69. jibberjabber - janeiro 8, 2010

net 22 is a hero

download it it is 1.0.172 crack

70. waka-waka - janeiro 8, 2010

It woked. Now I wonder how long this will last.

71. [Cara] Bermain Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Online « Masuk Akal? - janeiro 8, 2010

[…] https://wcwdw6w.wordpress.com/2009/12/23/how-to-play-mw2-update/ Categories: Did You Know?, Kumpulan, Masuk Akal, Tips & Tricks, cara Tag:Call of Duty, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, cara, COD 6, multiplayer, online Komentar (0) Lacak Balik (0) Tinggalkan komentar Lacak balik […]

72. FranZigy - janeiro 8, 2010

can you write a new guide,this is past,now when you enter find game there are no players so pls write a new guide

73. Den - janeiro 8, 2010

Downloading 1.0.172 crack as I type. Hope it works for me too.

74. Den - janeiro 8, 2010

net22 – you are my hero. confirmed the crack is working 🙂

75. THERAGE - janeiro 8, 2010

yup nice 1 all better now.lol

76. modick - janeiro 8, 2010

net 22 provided a great working fix to the problem. just unzip and place the 1.0.172 labled files in the mw2 folder . there are 2 files you must copy and paste so do forget one. im am playing right now no problem

77. garii - janeiro 8, 2010

my zero gear is update automaticly.if i turn of do not update automatic it will change for while but then i go MW2 it will update and turn of the game ??please help ?

78. garii - janeiro 8, 2010

i have got patch 1.0.172 its work but,i cant play if my zero gear update automatic,i try change do not automatic install updates but it will change back for automatic update??

79. YOSSI2010 - janeiro 8, 2010


80. garii - janeiro 8, 2010

you have to dowloand new patch 1.0.174 then it work but mine isnt because zero wil automaticly update himself? fuck!!

81. jasonkamei - janeiro 8, 2010

where do i download patch 1.0.174?

82. max - janeiro 8, 2010

where can i download the patches and do i need a crack if i do where can i get
the game was working well on 1.0.166 until 2day
help plz 😦

83. Jo - janeiro 8, 2010

Uploaded the crack somewhere else for a friend, here’s the link http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M4ID3EDJ

84. THERAGE - janeiro 8, 2010


just dled this crack for 1.0.174 and works a treat but then so was pavorov crack. zerogear just updated itself but all is still well my end.
the link above is for rzkings version, and seem to find games alot faster and fuller games(more people).

85. guest - janeiro 8, 2010

crack for 172 still working, i use zerogear demo activated with key in beta stage

86. THERAGE - janeiro 8, 2010

yes! been playing for hours now. 1 glitch however at 1 point when i exited all apps, it took about 5-6 mins to connect to iwnet. but all was good once it done that!

87. ely - janeiro 9, 2010

hi all the crack still working all u need is that whene steam finish updating the files for zero gear demo just delete the files:”assets;clients and help” than lunch the game from steam as always and evrything gona be allright enjoy it;) sorry for my english good luck…

88. Max - janeiro 9, 2010

Hi! when i play, after 2 minutes, MW2 crash!! with this message “unable to connect to host” !!!!! the ports are OPEN!!!!!! why?

89. NoName - janeiro 9, 2010

thx so much for the 172 crack! It works!!! 🙂

90. GMZ2 - janeiro 11, 2010

Thank you for this beautiful Topic

91. Ram-pag - janeiro 11, 2010

Is there a newer patch cause I get disconnected from steam after every game?

92. Martin - janeiro 11, 2010

Hi guys,

I done everything right, the game starts normaly, but i can´t find any player. Does anybody can help me?

Thks in advanced.

93. Other Martin with the same problem - janeiro 11, 2010

Happens the same to me Martin!
I dont know why, just got back from vacation and it doesnt works! (worked perfectly before) and now I cant find any player or match!!! (the game and steam works well, just when i enter to any kind of gime, like ground war or demolition just doesnt finds nobody to play with!)
I got the SKIDROW version and i ulocked the multiplayer by the Zero Gear demo way! (downloading it from steam and moving the files to the folder, etc…)



94. max - janeiro 12, 2010

i am martin no.3
same problem ofc i have version 1.0.166 of the game and i use the zero gear demo way also.
the thing is no matter how long i wait there are no games at all i tried patching and stuff but after that i searches only for games with ping equal to 100 ms :O
when it was working the game always connected me to games with ping higher than 150 ms.
help i wanna know what should i do .
ty 😀

95. sun5h1ne - janeiro 12, 2010

Maybe theres a newer patch.I had same problem few days ago on 1.0.166 patch.It kept looking for players/servers till it got disconnected.But everything is fine since I patched it to version 1.0.172.

My zerogear updated itself cause that dont automatically download updates shit doesnt work for me.But mw2 still works fine.

96. Tony - janeiro 12, 2010

It says Thank you for playing Zero Gear, and the demo is almost over, i think it said in 4 days, what can we do?

97. sun5h1ne - janeiro 12, 2010

Whoops 4,9 days left.Maybe we can download it again or use another demo or make another steam account.

98. MiniMized - janeiro 13, 2010

tried some other demos…


always was able to join games, however got kicked after some minuts because “steam connection failed”.

also tried to run it over an official Team Fortress 2 on my account. hoped it would use the working authentification of TF2, however wasnt able to start the iw4mp.exe because steam always overcopied my compiled .bat even if it was writing protectet.

Valarie - setembro 24, 2013

Thankfulness to my father who shared with me regarding this web site, this web site is actually awesome.

99. raj - janeiro 13, 2010

my zero gear updated last night an now steam wont start it checked the bat file alls ok
tried the zombie bowl method an get kicked after 2 mins bummer
does other peoples game work after the zero gear update ?

100. THERAGE - janeiro 13, 2010

maybe its cos u using pavlorov crack? my zero g updated fine a few days back and still playing,but the demo running out. i used the crack that i posted earlier by rzking.

101. ehhhh - janeiro 13, 2010

Yo I just started MW2 and I have a 0/0 players on all game types, yesterday it was working perfectly fine so does anyone know whats up with my game?

102. SONIC - janeiro 14, 2010

does anyone knows if there are teams recruiting on cracked version ?

103. Crazy-Fic - janeiro 14, 2010

What we gonna do when zero gear expires?

104. THERAGE - janeiro 14, 2010


apparently it will stay as a demo if you the zero gear auto crack! ive been using this with no probs at all even after zero gear update. have a look at the blog for the revised crack for if it stops working in future!

105. THERAGE - janeiro 14, 2010

also rzking and others working on other demo and other free full game cracks for mw2.

106. Gauxo - janeiro 14, 2010

Is there somecrack new??? My game don’t play

107. Thorus - janeiro 14, 2010

This method is no longer working 😦

108. Sheikhil - janeiro 14, 2010

Yea. My Multiplayer is no longer working…it keeps looking for players
but yesterday when it was working i would connect to a game almost instantly…is there any new method

109. Sheikhil - janeiro 14, 2010

found the new patch…1.0.175 and 174 at http://mw2onlineplay.blogspot.com/

just dl the whole pack and use either 175 or 174
worked for me
good luck

110. john - janeiro 15, 2010

hi newpatch 1.0.175 didnt work and cause to kick u from lobby but 1.0.174 working well thanks

111. [MKD] - janeiro 15, 2010

Hey guys i can not find games on multi player?
Any answers? I use Parovoz 1.0.172 on Steam with Zero Gear?

112. forgotten - janeiro 15, 2010

Guys, after i patched with 1.0.174, when i try entering a server it keeps loading and saying ” Synchronizing Game Settings ” and after a few minutes i got thrown out to the lobby… any ideas ?

113. lolageness - janeiro 15, 2010

MKD i hve the same prolem but im on 1.0.174

114. Pistolfire - janeiro 15, 2010

1.0.174 is working for me thanks

Pistolfire - janeiro 15, 2010

Ok I played all day yesterday with 1.0.174 but today it just keep looking for games anyone else ?

115. mammothboot - janeiro 16, 2010

yeah. 1.0.174 just keeps looking 4 games while 1.0175 fails to connect to steam lobby. guess it’s the end?

116. ehhhh - janeiro 16, 2010

Check his posts, he’s updating each patch

Nikole - setembro 14, 2013

It’s going to be finish of mine day, except before finish I am reading this great article to increase my experience.

117. THERAGE - janeiro 16, 2010

im using 1.175 with no probs,apart from it takes longer to find games and players

118. urski - janeiro 16, 2010

zero gear demo ends tomarrow, any ideas how to play when its over?

119. Mongo - janeiro 16, 2010

1.0.175 ->
If u are the host, then u can play
If someone who is using this Crack is a host, then u can play … otherwise u will get kicked

if the zear gear demo will end tomorrow, i ve read on 2 different forums about that it also should work with TrackMania Nations Forever … but dont know didnt test that …

120. Mongo - janeiro 16, 2010

… oh Zero Gear Demo will go on working after tomorrow … just need a better crack but stay with Zero Gear

121. Emmm... - janeiro 16, 2010

track mania works but the only problem is with the crack

122. IWsucks - janeiro 16, 2010

so what is that track mania method you are talking about? I’ve tried to find the file I can edit but I failed. Could you write a guide or something about it?

123. Sheikhil - janeiro 16, 2010

therage how did u get yours to work with 1.175

124. Oneal - janeiro 17, 2010

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IISHS18Z heres the new one, no need for zero gear 😉

125. kylo515 - janeiro 17, 2010

trojan 🙂

126. Emmm... - janeiro 17, 2010

I won’t upload the Track Mania crack because I just installed a new Anti Virus program and it detected it as a trojan..

if anyone still wants me to upload it so please write it here..

I also found another way to play through a game called Zombie Bowl-O-Rama.
It’s not a steam game as far as I know but you have to have the steam running.. if anyone wants, I will upload all the neccesary files and share them here..

But for now, as far as I know, no method works because we need to wait for the 175 crack, with out it you can’t play..

127. simonix - janeiro 17, 2010

174 patch still looking for games and 175 patch – failed to steam lobby
somebody help….

128. john - janeiro 17, 2010

ok is just 9 minute left from zerogear and my last effort with 1.0.175 was 2 minute playing

129. john - janeiro 17, 2010

I taste it u cant use 1.0.175 any more
Steam connection failed
surly we find another solution goodluke

130. Sheikhil - janeiro 17, 2010

the zero gear demo is done but i can still start MW2 through steam by clicking on zero gear, however still no matchmaking available…

131. mw2 - janeiro 18, 2010
132. kylo515 - janeiro 18, 2010

not works

133. mw2 - janeiro 18, 2010

il bogue un autre qui marche mais je me fais bannir chaque 2min http://www.mediafire.com/?qgmglzmtujz

134. [MKD] Makedonec - janeiro 18, 2010

Hey Guys I Can’t stop zero gear from updating. It starts with the update as I lunch the game, and after canceling when I start it again zero gear returns to updating. Any suggestions?????

All help is appreciated. Thank you.

Diavolu - janeiro 19, 2010


You can turn autoupdate off. Open steam, go to MyGames, Zero Gear and on the lower right you have a button called Properties. Go to Updates and you have the option to stop updates. I hope you managed to stop the updates.

Best Regards,

[MKD] Makedonec - janeiro 19, 2010

Thanks Diavolu,

But I Knew that, by the way zero gear updated and there is no problem. Thanks again.

135. kylo515 - janeiro 19, 2010
136. makis - janeiro 19, 2010

it dosnt works
it kicks me out in 2 minutes

137. Rambo_Karambo - janeiro 19, 2010

when you play a team deathmatch,it’s a 50% chanse to find a cracked host.i play it all time and it’s good but you must find a good host.and do anybody knows how to open friend list on steam without installing any game?

138. Mr Squee - janeiro 20, 2010

Yeah I would also really like to know how to play with friend without buying a game? And I have been getting “steam connect failed” after playing for a bit a lot lately…I wonder if it’s something to do with the hosts that I’m joining.

139. ely - janeiro 20, 2010


% 100 work

No kick , No Steam Error

Good Game

140. Rambo_Karambo - janeiro 20, 2010

it’s work for me too

141. Gauxo - janeiro 20, 2010

desconect steam – this is my error :S:S

Old Snake 91 - janeiro 20, 2010

me toooooooooo, fucking disconnect from steam….
heeeelppppp :)))))

Amee - setembro 22, 2013

Thankfulness to my father who told me on the topic of this blog, this website is really remarkable.

142. makis - janeiro 20, 2010

there is new patch
anyone has link for this please post it

143. [MKD] Makedonec - janeiro 20, 2010

Guys I get the same problem ( Disconnected from Steam). Any thoughts of the matter?

144. [MKD] Makedonec - janeiro 20, 2010

Hey Guys Try going offline in Friends on Steam, or turn Friends off ( I mean the Chat). I noticed that with the chat off, or offline it doesn’t say disconnected from steam. Try It and please respond.

145. [MKD] Makedonec - janeiro 21, 2010

Guys turn the chat off it works 100%. U also need to turn off the
“automatically sign into Friends” in settings under the Friends tab. Good Luck.

146. ETFKillerZ - janeiro 21, 2010

it doesnt work, it will let you in the the menu but as soon as you try to connect to a server it puts you in online mode and it disconnects you from mw2 again… i hate fucking steam….

[MKD] Makedonec - janeiro 21, 2010

Yes i doesn’t work. I connected to a game but as soon as the game ended it disconnected me again :(.

147. ETFKillerZ - janeiro 21, 2010

Guess we have to wait for new patch+crack to come out so we can bypass yet another obstacle that steam has put in our way from having fun with this crazy game:(…. i hate steam 🙂

148. squeeky - janeiro 21, 2010

Yeah I’ve been having steam disconnects all today, it was working fine yesterday! Please if anyone knows how to fix this let me know.

149. homes - janeiro 21, 2010

yes – disconnect from steam. No Chance. It was working fine until yesterday

150. john - janeiro 21, 2010

disconnect from steam

151. deee - janeiro 21, 2010

same for me….disconnect from steam

152. homes - janeiro 21, 2010

any solution?

153. [MKD] Makedonec - janeiro 21, 2010
[MKD] Makedonec - janeiro 21, 2010

Try’d it doesn’t work :(. I hate Steam.

154. Me myself and I - janeiro 21, 2010

Disconnected from steam too

155. [MKD] Makedonec - janeiro 21, 2010

A guy ingame told me about an 1.0.175 v4 patch can anyone find it Please.

156. CiprianXay - janeiro 22, 2010

1.0.175 v3 patch http://www.multiupload.com/79YN7GLFXK
it’s work for me

157. Gauxo - janeiro 22, 2010

http://www.mediafire.com/?rynmdjdmony this patch works for me too

158. john - janeiro 22, 2010

yeh it works

159. Emmm... - janeiro 22, 2010

The original MW2 player just updated to ver. 180..
that means that we can play on 177 but we just need to find good 177 files… it should work with out a DC because there won’t be a collision with the original players..

if anyone has good 177 files.. please upload them and pubish here…

160. Emmm... - janeiro 23, 2010

Parovoz unlished a new crack today (a fixed 175 but it still has a few bugs.. as he says)..
here’s the link:

161. joe - janeiro 23, 2010

How do you add friends or groups on Steam? Can’t play Multiplayer if you can’t add friends, any help please?

162. Sheikhil - janeiro 25, 2010

to joe,
if u dont add friends
to play with others join a steam group (which u can do without buying anything)

here are links to steam groups playing on cracked MW2 servers:

CODMW2 172
COD MW2 1.0.175 revive group
just search them on steam

163. kloub - janeiro 25, 2010

i still have No IWD files found in /main
and i tried every thing you told me and still have this problem
my bat is
cd C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\zero gear\Server
START iw4mp.exe
and my game in
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\zero gear\Server
some1 help me

164. RaZ - janeiro 27, 2010

new crack is out……Go and download it

165. Sheikhil - janeiro 27, 2010

which version and do u have a link plz

166. awixful - janeiro 29, 2010

Okay, I have a problem with the game.
I got the game from my friend’s disk. I do that Zero Gear hack correctly how they said, but it keep saying: No IWD files found in /main.
Wtf I must do?? I’ve tryed anything! My game is in F:\COD6\ and Steam is in F:\Games\STEAM and the zero gear hack is in F:\Games\STEAM\steamapps\common\zero gear\Server just like everybody sayed. Do I need to edit .bat file more?? I’ve edited it for a two days! Now it’s like:

cd F:
cd Games
cd steamapps
cd common
cd zero gear
cd Server
Start iw4mp.exe

Help me please! Give me CORRECT instructions, I’m a noob in these things. =(

167. awixful - janeiro 29, 2010

Plus I have “newest” crack, that 1.75 v3.

168. SONIC - janeiro 29, 2010

try this awixful
cd “F:\Games\STEAM\steamapps\common\zero gear\Server”
Start iw4mp.exe
it should work

169. Joe - janeiro 29, 2010

Works for me.

170. Thiago - janeiro 30, 2010

Does someone know how to fix this error?

Error during initialization:
Couldn’t load fileSysCheck.cfg. Make sure Modern Warfare 2 is run from the correct folder.

171. awixful - janeiro 31, 2010

It says “Could not find iw4mp.exe”. I try to recopy all the files to the Server -folder now. Let’s see if it works.

172. awixful - janeiro 31, 2010

Not working. It says all the time “IWD files not found in /main”.
Please some one help me. I say it one more: my original game is in F:\COD6 my “second” game is in F:\Games\STEAM\steamapps\common\zero gear\Server. Steam is in F:\Games\STEAM I’ve done what SONIC sayed and it sayed “iw4mp.exe not found. Check that you have entered the correct name.” or something. ='(
I really, really want to play this wonderful game. Please help me with it =)!

Thanks, awixful!

173. H-V - fevereiro 1, 2010

@THERAGE thanks nothings works but yours u rock!!! and one having problem with that .BAT SHIT just follow comment #40 by THERAGE it works !!! and after that
stop the update as was explained in comment #41 by @swulsh so u wont lose ur work by getting automatic update by steam.

174. Khal - fevereiro 6, 2010

Outdated i guess, yesterday steam updated the game now it doesnt work for me anymore.

175. jovanify - fevereiro 10, 2010

You people go to my channel
it has the latest Pavoroz cracks ( wich i want to thank alot ! ) and i am the first to upload on youtube. Thanks

176. Jacknife - fevereiro 13, 2010

damn it was working well a few hours ago now it says IWNET_INVALIDVERSION
any way to fix this??
i think its steam though

177. Rambo_Karambo - fevereiro 13, 2010

they update it again.we must wait new crack,i think is 1.0.177

178. MKD - fevereiro 13, 2010

Can Someone give a link for free download of the new crack? Please

179. jovanify - fevereiro 13, 2010

guys actually go to my channel http://www.youtube.com/jovanify ( sorry im not trying to spam ) but there i will post video of a working crack around IWNET_INVALIDVERSION when i find one so you dont have to search.

180. Gina - fevereiro 14, 2010

Do i hav to update MW2 to the latest version or just use the skidrow original version which is 1.0.159 ?

181. Rambo_Karambo - fevereiro 14, 2010

you must update it to the latest version,1.0.175 is the latest cracked version,so you must wait until the new cracked version comes coz this not work anymore

182. Jacknife - fevereiro 15, 2010

there a crack for 182 but it only works for zero gear players
i dont know about zombie, or trackmania

183. [MKD] - fevereiro 16, 2010

Hey Guys a haven’t played mw2 for couple of days and I am on ZeroGear But now when i start ZeroGear to play mw2, mw2 doesn’t start ZeroGear starts. I will appreciate any suggestion.

Thanks in Advance 😀 .

184. asdasd - fevereiro 23, 2010

new crack ?

185. BOB - março 7, 2010


186. Dirty - março 13, 2010

Guys when i start zero gear it says The game is currently avaible try it another time smth like that and cant play ?? help >

187. CODMW2 - março 13, 2010
188. rin - março 13, 2010

hey karl.. plz post again ur steps a lil bit more clearly… i cant understand ur english.. please please

189. Rambo_Karambo - março 14, 2010

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGeIG3Hkcx4 for everyone who wanna add friend for free.for me works just folow the steps in description

190. d3ath h4rbing3r - abril 24, 2010

OMG!HELP!!!It works but then it say that ‘NAT Type:Strict’.PLZ HELP ME!!!No1 in the server?!?!?I wuz really looking forward to playing it.Any assistance would be appreciated.

My game name:d3ath h4rbing3r

191. Nightway337 - abril 27, 2010

did’n worked 4 me 😦 , still the same message IWnet_ … blabla 😦

192. dame - maio 26, 2010

very nice blog!! a lot of usefull infos thanks keep up the good work!!

193. ME - junho 10, 2010


194. Lee7 - junho 13, 2010

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Hahaha pwn3D !!!!!11one

195. Lee7 - junho 13, 2010
196. MW2 Tips Primary and Secondary Weapons | Getting The Most From Your PS3 - junho 26, 2010

[…] How to Play MW2 – UPDATE « Modern Warfare 2 – https://wcwdw6w.wordpress.com/2009/12/23/how-to-play-mw2-update/ Categories: Did You Know?, Kumpulan, Masuk Akal, Tips & Tricks, cara Tag:Call of Duty, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, cara, COD 6, multiplayer, online Komentar (0) Lacak … addthis_url = 'http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ps3-howto.com%2Fmw2-tips-2%2Fprimary-and-secondary-weapons'; addthis_title = 'MW2+Tips+Primary+and+Secondary+Weapons'; addthis_pub = ''; […]

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199. MW2 Tips Primary and Secondary Weapons | Getting The Most From Your PS3 - junho 26, 2010

[…] How to Play MW2 – UPDATE « Modern Warfare 2 – https://wcwdw6w.wordpress.com/2009/12/23/how-to-play-mw2-update/ Categories: Did You Know?, Kumpulan, Masuk Akal, Tips & Tricks, cara Tag:Call of Duty, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, cara, COD 6, multiplayer, online Komentar (0) Lacak … […]

200. MW2 Weapons | Getting The Most From Your PS3 - junho 28, 2010

[…] How to Play MW2 – UPDATE « Modern Warfare 2 – https://wcwdw6w.wordpress.com/2009/12/23/how-to-play-mw2-update/ Categories: Did You Know?, Kumpulan, Masuk Akal, Tips & Tricks, cara Tag:Call of Duty, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, cara, COD 6, multiplayer, online Komentar (0) Lacak … […]

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